Fysical is a project by
Fysical Technologies Pte. Ltd.,
based in Singapore.

Core Team

We're a team of start-up veterans who invented Fysical to augment the business actions our industry takes every day.

Ben Smith
CEO at Fysical Labs

Justin Mann
COO at Fysical Labs

John Foley
CTO at Fysical Labs

Rich Garfield
Software Architect at Fysical Labs

Adrian Miguel
Engineer at Fysical Labs

Vinny Squillace
Community at Fysical

Molly Sobba
Community at Fysical

Mark Schinkel
Community at Fysical


Mike Baker
Advisor at Fysical
- CEO at DataXu
- Founder, OpenRTB . Protocol

Josh Weiss
Advisor at Fysical
- CEO at Nauticus Networks
- Member Launchpad Venture Group

Lester Lim
Advisor at Fysical
- Advisor for HybridBlock, Dock.io, Coinfi, Ink Protocol, Banca, Selfkey

Tyson Trautmann
Advisor at Fysical
- Infrastructure Lead at Riot Games
- Partner at Blacktop Capital

Lindsey Maule
Advisor at Fysical
- CEO at Luna Capital
- Head of Crypto Research at Precursor Ventures

Tom Howard
Advisor at Fysical
- Advisor at CoinFi
- Founder at Block Republic

Rob Behnke
Advisor at Fysical
- Founder at Token Agency

Team is backed by

Contact Us

Paya Lebar Road
Singapore, Singapore 409051

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