Fysical is a project by
Fysical Technologies Pte. Ltd.,
based in Singapore.

Core Team

We're a team of start-up veterans who invented Fysical to augment the business actions our industry takes every day.

Ben Smith
CEO at Fysical Labs
- 7 years experience data and analytics
- Team Lead, Sungard Financial Systems
- Finance and Economics Degree, Boston University School of Managemant

Justin Mann
COO at Fysical Labs
- 4 years experience location based technology
- Tech Equity Analyst, First Republic Bank (CFA III)
- Finance Degree, Boston University School of Management

John Foley
CTO at Fysical Labs
- 7 years experience big data and IoT
- Led IoT software development at Zoom Telephonics
- Fourth engineer on TimeTrade Systems SaaS Team

Rich Garfield
Software Architect at Fysical Labs
- 10 years experience big data software architecture
- Engineer at Juniper Networks (acquired)
- Built high performance real time bidding exchange at Nanigans

Adrian Miguel
Engineer at Fysical Labs
- MIT Computer Science Degree
- Senior Engineer, led team at Bevspot designing authorization system and backend infrastructure


Mike Baker
- CEO at DataXu
- VP at Nokia
- Founder, OpenRTB Protocol

Bernardo de Seabra
- Software Architect, Big Data at Yahoo
- Software Engineer at BrightRoll
- Mentor 500 Startups

Lester Lim
- Advisor for CardStack, HybridBlock, Dock.io, Coinfi, Ink Protocol, Banca, Selfkey

Josh Weiss
- CEO at Nauticus Networks
- Member Launchpad Venture Group

Tyson Trautmann
- Infrastructure Lead at Riot Games
- Software Manager at Amazon
- Partner at Blacktop Capital

Lindsey Maule
- CEO at Luna Capital
- Head of Crypto Research at Precursor Ventures

Tom Howard
- Advisor at CoinFi
- Founder at Block Republic

Rob Behnke
- Founder at Token Agency

Team is backed by

Contact Us

Paya Lebar Road
Singapore, Singapore 409051
[email protected]

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